The finest from the sea of business names

This is a place for the pioneers.

Creators and entrepreneurs with a taste for success come here to crown themselves with a beautiful company name and brandable domain.

This is a place for choosers.

What you find here are rich names with rich domains. Names rich in profile, rich in meaning, rich in sound and look. Attracting genuine interest through real personality, not trying to get a slice of some generic traffic.

Understand: A name is the ultimate magic. It put's a spell on your audience & captures their heart. So start listening to your gut instinct as you choose a beautiful and seriously cool company name.



Class. Not Mass.

At OYZTA, we understand the value of time and present you only the finest selection of beautiful, solid and seriously cool names for your business.



Creating a great name has more to do with emotion than intelligence. As long as there is no Artificial Consciousness, we are going to find names with soul, by hand.


Total Ownership

OYZTA is not a marketplace, and we are not brokers. We have skin in the game and own every single domain ourself. This guarantees availability & a swift transaction.


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