Above all,
being an entrepreneur is about the art of the start.
Being able to start, before you even know how to start.
And figuring things out as you go along.
Why are you here? Because you are just about to start.
But you haven’t started yet.
It’s easy to overthink.
To get trapped in paralysis by analysis.
But don’t kid yourself: all this is nothing but anxiety.
Fear of failure.
Fear of decisions.
Fear of success.
And that’s ok.
Every entrepreneur has it.
Some are shaking in their sleep.
Just don’t let it stop you from starting.
Accept the fact that things won’t be perfect.
Accept the fact that things won’t be smooth.
Accept the fact that you don’t know all the details yet.
And that’s ok.
You will figure things out as you go along.
Everything will work out in the end,
as long as you take action.
Entrepreneurship is a venture,
a journey.
Entrepreneurship is a ship.
And every ship deserves a name.
And every great ship deserves a great name.

I wish you all the best.