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The provider called webhoster makes his resources available – usually against billing. These resources include in particular the provision and operation of the host, web server and their network connection. Often webhosters also finance themselves through advertising that is placed on the website [2].

The scope of services of web hosting offers varies considerably. Offers range from a simple website, through servers with scripting language support (e.g. CGI, PHP) and database backend (e.g. MySQL), to packages which include a Web Content Management System (e.g. TYPO3, Joomla), monitoring, data backup, statistical evaluations, load balancing or even offer high availability. What matters here is both the software used and the availability or service (reaction speed) in the event of failure.

The market is confusing and subject to constant change. Industry portals and regular test reports about the providers in trade journals can be helpful for orientation. There are many product categories, and you can get everything from shared hosting to vServers to cloud hosting. Shared hosting products are particularly inexpensive, but if you want more professional packages, you may have to pay more. In most cases, it is possible to make a compromise between price and performance. Important criteria for the selection are the one-time and monthly costs, the scope of services, the connection speed and the scope of available services [3].

Another possibility of web hosting is cloud hosting. Cloud hosting is a technology of hosting that is characterized primarily by its flexibility. Here, data is hosted directly in a cloud, which saves a lot of administrative work, but also distributes resources more flexibly [4].

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