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Looking for a brilliant brand name? Something creative, unique, bold, mesmerizing? But all the good names are taken? The automatically generated ones just don't inspire you? You have come to the right place. Our selection of company, service, and product brand names come complete with the perfect .com domain and a high-class wordmark logo. The names range from innovative to evocative, from semi-descriptive to purely abstract and are all made by top-tier brand naming experts. Start building your brand today and get immediate credibility with a seriously cool name!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trademarks are registered for a specific owner, in a specific sector, for a specific geographical region for a specific length of time. The very nature of trademarks makes it impossible to pre-register them.

The first .com domain was registered over 34 years ago. The longer something sticks around, the longer it will stick around in the future. The most valuable domains in the world are without exception dot-com domains. Domains are forever. So why not go for the real thing?

You can find OYZTA™ names at DAN.COM available for both purchase as well as lease-to-own with flexible terms up to 60 months.

From 30 minutes up to a few days depending on your registrar of choice. Most transfers are completed within 24 hours. You deal directly with us, the owners, without any middleman or unknown third parties. That makes it quick and simple.

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