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At a traditional naming firm, depending on the size of your business, you usually invest anywhere from 5,000 to 25,000 USD for a company name. Every naming agency approaches the challenge of finding the perfect company brand name a little differently, but usually there is a creative brief, a positioning brief, a competitive name landscape relevant to your industry. Afterwards, one or multiple rounds of name presentations and name suggestions follow. You choose one or more names and send them through a thorough trademark search usually performed by a trademark lawyer. With the trademark evaluation report in hand you then make the best decision you can. This whole process does work and does produce great results. Professional and experienced naming companies exist for a reason. But there are three factors why a traditional naming agency might not be the best choice for you:

1. Pace
2. Certainty
3. Domain Availability


At a naming agency, the process of finding a name for your business usually takes anywhere from 4 weeks to 4 months. Some founders spend half a year or more to get the name for their startup right. In many markets, to many entrepreneurs, this kind of pace just seems ludicrous.


There is a fundamental problem in the bespoke brand naming service: You pay for something that does not exist yet. Sure, you can check out the portfolio of the naming firm to get an idea of their overall quality. But ultimately what you see are answers to questions someone else had. The truth is that there is a real risk of not getting what you want after paying a lot of money and wasting a lot of time. This is the reason none of the legit naming companies offer a satisfaction / money back guarantee. You cannot guarantee satisfaction. And no legit naming expert in the naming industry would work weeks on your name and not get paid because you don’t like the results. At OYZTA™, you see the results before you pay.


No matter how good the naming agency is, they cannot come up with a strong, short brand name (5 or 6 letters) and a matching available .com domain. They cannot because all the good ones are taken. And usually naming firms do not own domain inventory. So they either suggest some .com substitute — “almost as good” — or they ask for a domain acquisition budget. On top of the name creation price.

So if you want a great name with the perfect .com and have no time to waste, we are happy to help. Check out our seriously cool company names.

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