Alternative Brandable Domain Marketplaces

OYZTA has a strong focus on evocative and invented names for an audience with sophisticated taste. With over a decade of high profile naming experience for clients such as Pepsi Lipton, Bosch and federal agencies, CEO Brandon Walder is dedicated to helping startups and entrepreneurs build great brands.

Brandpa was created just a few years ago by digital marketing professionals Silktide® but already features several thousand brandable domains and a good user experience.

BrandBucket® really made the whole idea of buying and selling brandable domains plausible to a wider audience. We can’t give CEO Margot Bushnaq and her team enough credit for what she accomplished. Today they feature more than 50.000 domains.

In terms of sheer volume BrandRoot® is number two behind BrandBucket®, with currently more than 20.000 domains and a very impressive growth rate thanks to its founder Michael Rader.

Novanym® was developed by Vince Bridgman and Dave Clark. They have a strong background in branding and specialize in invented names. More of a boutique brandable domain marketplace, Novanym® strives to keep their inventory from getting too big for its own good.

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